Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inventory is a bad word!!

Hi ladies... I will have to put off the next blog candy until the week of the 10th. We are getting started on inventory at work and I will be working nights and trying to survive through the whole thing. It is not fun I would much rather build my blog and be creative but unfortunately if I want to play I have to work :) I will post any projects I have time to work on. I have some Valentines to make for Anne at PP Crafts with the wonderful design team items she sent to me. You saw a little taste of those products in the blog candy last week!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week... I recieved my gypsy today and it came in a bundle with 2 cartridges I already own. They are not in Blister Packs but they are new and you can register them of course because I haven't and won't be using them. So I am thinking maybe Cricut Sampler and Office Help as Blog Candy... What do all of you think???
Happy Crafting!!


  1. Inventory sucks, I used to help my dad with his ( he own his own electrical business). I hope it is painfree and quick. Can't wait to see the cricut sampler, which cartridges did you get?

  2. I recieved the sampler and office help cartridges but I already had them so I am thinking of putting them up for blog candy...:)


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