Tuesday, December 21, 2010

B day card

Today I had the pleasure of spending a few hours after work with my youngest niece.

She wanted to make scrapbook cards. She had a lot of fun raiding my stash while drinking hot cocoa with a mountain of whip cream. I enjoyed her creativity and joy in what she was doing.

I did complete 1 card during that time and it is far from perfect. But what scrap card is really perfect?? I played with distressing a little on this one because I thought it just needed it. So here is my creation for the day with all it's perfect imperfections!! lol
I hope to have many more days with Marisa like the one I had today and hopefully with my granddaughter if they ever live close enough.
Have a wonderful holiday!!!


  1. Hello Shelley, love your card. Nice colors too. This is what my mother in law always tells me when she wants to give me advise, "if I were you" I would invest in the Cuttlebuy Jr. Someday you will scrapbook with your granddaughter. Say they move closer or you go visit them. This will be your memories with her. Take thousands of pictures.

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