Monday, March 17, 2014

Crafty Happiness!

Hello fellow crafters :)
I have been trying to branch out of my crafting comfort zone and this is another one of my firsts.
I decided to make a shadow box of my favorite crafty embellishments.
Now for the life of me I could not get the yellow cast off of the photo. My lighting is bad in my apartment and the weather is not good for an outdoor pic.
I started with a craft colored shadow box and painted it brown. I then used a prima cardstock and placed it in the back of the squares. I then used burlap and placed it over the cardstock.
Next in the upper left square I used 2 metal corners from Miriams Crafting supplies. I then took a beautiful Stick Pin from Pinque Peacock and turned it into a dragonfly using my favorite twine. (Trendy Twine). Now in the upper right square I used a wishing well from Prima. My grass is ribbon from 3 Girl JAM and the cute cardinal  is from a purchase from Blitzy.
The lower left is a beautiful bloom from Pinque Peacock. I then added a burlap button and butterfly pin and both are Pinque Peacock! The lower right is all prima and websters pages.
These are all things that make me happy:)
I love watching dragonflies, butterflies and birds. I love the old fashioned wells and have always wanted one. I love flowers of all kinds and Pinque Peacock is a joy to work with. The cameo holds my favorite saying. Now to get some of the beautiful flowers, buttons and stick pens head over to pinque peacock!!!!



  1. I LOVE this!! Beautiful in every way…you did a wonderful job on your "out of your zone" piece, Shelley! Have a lovely day today!

  2. Your shadow box is adorable!! It's always fun to go out of your comfort zone and now you have something you can look at it to make you smile!


  3. Shelley, this shadow box is precious! I just love how you turned that PP stick pin into a dragon fly! Gotta love that twine! This is a lovely piece of art, my friend!

  4. This is gorgeous, you did an amazing job I would never have guessed it was your first shadow box.. I still haven't done this..


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